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Here are some special comments from our customers. We are so happy they shared their experiences.  Clara

“Our Bernese Mountain dog we recently aquired from Clara. Excellent, we couldn’t be happier. Rigby, as in Eleanor, is amazing, smart, one of the best puppies we’ve had. Clara had an ad in the Indianapolis Star, we just lost one of our Sheep dogs, so we took a chance. The farm Clara has is clean, well kept. Easy transaction, very fair pricing. Again, no regrets, Rigby fits in well, very happy customers!”

Kevin and Janet Silva

“I brought a puppy from Clara and our family is really involved with her. We named her Criso. She sure is a lot fun with the children. She’s an awesome puppy. She was a very nice, clean, healthy puppy when I brought her home.”


Sarah, New Haven Indiana

“Clara is a very nice lady, very freindly. Enjoyed doing business with her. She has a beautiful farm where the greenhouse plants are grown and where she raises the puppies.”

R.S., Fort Wayne, IN.

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